Erik Ohlsen

Erik Ohlsen is an authority in permaculture design and implementation. He is both an educator and a hands-on person. His experiences include, water harvesting and catchment systems, erosion control, earthwork operations, irrigation systems, ponds, food forests systems, wildlife habitat enhancement, native plant systems, integrated pest management, sustainable forestry, soil building, and hardscape design. In 1998 Erik co-founded Planting Earth Activation, a not for profit organization that designed and installed community gardens in northern California from 1998 to 2001.

As an educator, Erik has been teaching in the permaculture tradition since 2001, and has introduced permaculture to students from all over the world, including Canada and the UK. He currently teaches with Earth Activist Training, the Regenerative Design Institute and with the Occidental Arts and Ecology Center, and recently opened the Permaculture Skill Center, a hands-on learning and meeting center in Sebastopol, CA.

Erik founded Permaculture Artisans, an ecological farm and landscape design and construction company.