Julian wears coats of many colors: the goal is always the same; increased wellbeing for people and planet.

Regenerative practitioner: Julian trained with Regenesis Group in New Mexico and is part of a vibrant SF Bay Area node of other practitioners. The regenerative work directs and informs the work below.

Community building facilitator: helping communities to design ways in which it can capitalize on its potential and develop its future. The focus of this work is to jump out of the box to explore new roles and relationships that bring social, economic and ecological benefits to the whole community. The outcomes of this community developmental work include: increased awareness of who we are, increased potential of what could be possible, and vibrant and resilient people networks for the ongoing process of building community.

Master planner and designer: designing retreat centers, emphasizing the building of harmony before buildings; designing co-housing projects that demonstrate a systems approach to the future; designing energy efficient residential buildings with permaculture food gardens integrated into the surrounding landscape patterns. The outcomes of this work shifts the emphasis from instant gratification towards multi generational planning for resilient futures.

Artist and artisan: Julian graduated from St. Martin’s School of Art in London in fine art; founded the the Southampton Dancers’ Workshop, a blend of expressive movement and interpersonal exploration; trained and worked in traditional carpentry and joinery; joined the “Japanese” woodworking crew at Green Gulch Zen Center, Muir Beach, California, where, the emphasis was on joinery, hand tools, natural materials, a precision focus, and an aesthetic appreciation of human scale buildings.

Active student and practitioner/teacher of Vipassana meditation: Vipassana is an introspective process developing focus, integrity, equanimity and insight into the changing nature of all things. This work is most central to and informs all of the above.

Recent Living Guild projects include: working with housing developers and the community to close the gap between disparate interests towards a coherent whole, designing two cohousing projects and working with government agencies and non profits to examine new potential in their relationships to community and environment.