Grover Stock

Grover Stock is an organic food forest farmer and educator.

While in Iowa, Grover cultivated sustainable land practices on an off the grid homestead. This included, vermicomposting, greywater remediation and home-scale constructed wetlands. He used prescribed-burning for the benefit of indigenous prairie restoration and rain catchment for domestic water along with irrigation to mixed woodland orchards.

Currently, in his work with the International Association of Analog Forestry, Grover creates curriculum and facilitates AF training and practices, bridging multiple disciplines in ecology to create sustainable rural economies internationally. He recently led a coalition of farmers through a week long intensive in woodland restoration and economy - adopting permaculture, analog forestry and biodynamic practices in Cameroon, Africa.

Grover is on the executive committee of the Biodynamic Association of Northern California. He is also organizing, with his partners, Care of Earth, a fledgling permaculture and biodynamic homestead conceived to be a living template for land and resource management, sustainable agriculture and renewable energy.