Michael Ogden

Since 1986, Michael Ogden has been involved in the engineering design and project management of over 600 water infrastructure projects, using natural treatment systems for the treatment of wastewater, stormwater, and septage. Projects include municipal, decentralized and on-site wastewater collection, treatment, disposal and reuse systems. These projects span 44 states, Canada, Mexico, China, Afghanistan, Australia, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Colombia, Bahamas, Cambodia, India, Ghana and Fiji.

Many of these projects are designed in conjunction with land planners, architects, landscape architects, wildlife biologists, and ecologists with the goal of developing sustainable water infrastructure. Incorporating the ecologies of the pond, wetlands, prairie, and woodlands natural systems have proven to be very effective components of wastewater treatment systems. Besides generating clean water, such a design approach also provides attractive landscapes and habitat.

In addition to these environmental values, Michael has focused design efforts on energy efficiency and the carbon sequestration, and nutrient recycling potential of natural systems. Several municipal systems, which meet advanced secondary levels of treatment, operate without any energy inputs. As a proponent of wastewater treatment and reuse, Michael is responsible for designing and permitting the first total reuse systems in New Mexico, Nevada, New Jersey, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.

Michael has contributed to the design guidelines and regulations for various states including Indiana, Arizona, Texas, Nebraska, and New Mexico. Additionally, he contributes to the U.S. EPA, as well as the Federal and State governments of Mexico. He is also a member of the SITES Initiative Water Technical Advisory committee.