Living Guild

What we do

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Human-social and economic value

The essence of our work is to collaborate with people and organizations that want to contribute to their community in a way that increases the social, economic and ecological value of any project or development.

Our work considers returns on investment for five capitals - human, social, built, ecological, and financial - from one investment stream. Returns on investments in all these capitals increases the capacity of a project to be viable and beneficial over time.


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Living system principles and systems thinking

We operate from the principle that human, social and environmental aims should be central in the process of planning, designing and building communities. We use living-systems frameworks and principles, and systems thinking to create an effective, open and creative process.

We look at the whole of a project, in a way that considers the human-social and ecological requirements to define a higher order of values. This intentional learning process about how and what we build naturally results in an increase of many values for the community and the environment.


Processes and engagement

Our collaborations begin with discovering program requirements based on input that adapts to the unique qualities, characteristics, values and goals expressed by the community and place. The next step strategies include the planning, designing and implementation phases.

A collaboration continues with its own momentum in ongoing processes as the potential and capabilities of the project evolve, increasing long-term vitality and viability of the project and its relationship with the community and ecological place over time.

Our Services

Community-Capacity- Developing

Community Organizing Systems Training.

Developing the use of Systemic Frameworks.

Positive Strategies for Developing Viable, Sustainable and Productive Community Developments.

Charrette Facilitation.




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Infrastructure and Place-based Planning

Place-based Visioning Processes.

Green Infrastructure Analysis.

Community and Neighborhood-level Planning Processes.

Site and Building Analysis and System Integration.



Land, Forest, Farm and Water

Ecological Land Management and Planning.

Whole Farm Planning.

Sustainable Forest Management.

Reuse and Restoration of Water, Wastewater and Stormwater.

Soil Fertility Management.