Living Guild

Guilding: the essence of our work

Multiple benefits - Capacity building

The essence of our work is to collaborate with people and organizations that want to contribute to their place and community in ways that evolve beyond their current capacities.

We examine added values on five capitals - human, social, built, ecological, and financial, creating multiple ways in which a project becomes viable and sustainable over time.


Essence of place - Living systems

Environmental stewardship and seeing our place through the arc of history, geography, climate and geology is central in the process of planning, designing and building communities.

Drawing upon living-systems principles and nested systems principles brings awareness into an open and creative process.


Co-imagining - Making real

Our collaborations begin with developmental patterns of role and purpose along with nutrient patterns of openness, trust and reciprocity.

Through a process of co-imagining and creating will we aim to transform in a way which creates multiple shared benefits.




Community capacity building.

Developing systemic frameworks understanding.

Sustainable community developmental strategies.

Facilitation and integral experience design.





Infrastructure and Place-Based Planning

Place-based Visioning Processes.

Green Infrastructure Analysis.

Community and Neighborhood-level Planning Processes.

Site and Building Analysis and System Integration.




Land, Forest, Food and Water

Ecological Land Management and Planning.

Natural systems design.

Sustainable Forest and Food Management.

Reuse and Restoration of Water.